Here’s what people are saying about FOREST IMMERSION! 

If getting a chance to enjoy the woods deeply is something you would like to do, this walk will bring you there.
Chris Geymer

Chicago, IL

It’s hard to understand the benefits of taking time to be in the moment. I came into the forest stressing over my to do list, and left feeling calm and appreciative.

Womens’ Exchange Participant

Glencoe, IL

Kathleen is a gentle and devoted steward of the earth and forest therapy. She is patient and caring.

Ellen Klein

Northbrook, IL

I have a new respect for the out of doors. I don’t just see the bugs flying at me. I see things differently. 

Pamela Jennings

Sacramento, CA

Forest Therapy is so restorative. I feel deeply nurtured and refreshed.

Sarah Karnes

Burlington, WI

This is a great way to slow down and nourish your soul. I’d rename it Forest Bathing Meditation.

Uma Girish

Palatine, IL

I felt worlds away, just ten minutes from home. Great leader, knowledgeable, calm and friendly – well worth it!

Sally Peterson

Highland Park, IL

Today’s experience was just so exquisite! Thank you so much for leading such enchanting forest immersion tours. You are doing such important work of connecting people to nature. The whole tour from the beginning to the end was heavenly, mesmerizing and magical. I love how you end the walk with a Japanese tea ceremony and gave the first cup of tea to mother earth. I felt I was in another realm.
Saima Abassi

Wilmette, IL

One highlight of the walk was being with a grey milkweed pod. The invitations felt like doorways to real relationship, reality & understanding that all life is contiguous.

Bonnie Carter

Chicago, IL

Kathleen is a remarkably gifted professional who utilizes her knowledge and passion for art to help learners understand more about themselves and the world around them.  . . . she is a master teacher and artist who is essential to any staff having an inclination of appealing to multiple intelligences and who seriously believes in the utilization of the arts as a powerful learning tool. I have observed teachers in my role as principal for seven years and for ten years as a Kohl Fellow (Kohl Academy for Outstanding Educators). I would honestly place Kathleen on the “top ten” list.

Joseph A Catrambone, Jr.

Principal, Lyons School, Glenview, IL

Others Have Said:

It’s amazing how much more detail I heard, saw and felt, especially when Kathleen asked me to focus on my different senses.

Kathleen is a loving and patient guide. Delightful experience into self and soul.

There is an inner peace that can be cultivated by slowing down in nature . . . communing with nature gives a certain grounding needed in life.

It’s nature like you’ve never experienced it before. You’ll love it!

Peacefulness of nature is always available. This experience is an entry into sensory awareness and appreciation of the blessings of the forest and nature.

A good opportunity to take some time and reconnect with nature, a great way to connect with yourself – feel less stressed.

If you are looking for a nice way to disconnect from the stresses of the day-to-day, spend some time reflecting in the forest. It will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

Come with an open mind and be prepared for a better understanding of how we are connected to the Earth.

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