Private Retreats

Let’s plan your Shinrin Yoku experience around your needs, interests or special occasion.

What Fits?

• a 1- 1 ½ hour introduction (indoors or out)
• a 3 hour mini-retreat
• full day

Receive all the benefits of a public retreat catered for you or your group needs. The cost of physical inactivity is huge. Build team resilience, better health, new feelings of connection within, with each other and nature. Take a break from the digital world and reduce stress. Spark creative problem solving.

Choose a private half or full day retreat for yourself or group: couples, friends, children, teens & family, teachers, work departments or patient support groups. Program design may include journaling, art-making and/or photography. Locations vary.

An introductory experiential talk is also available: indoors or out at your location.

Fees: 2 ½ – 3 hour private mini-retreats are $250 for the first 6 participants, then $30 more for each additional participant.

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