Designing nature programs for stress relief, digital detox and to spark creativity.

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Be nature wise, discover new ways to detach from the digital web. Connect to land, sky, trees, plants, animals, water, the web of life itself.

The forest is healing. The guide opens doors.

Slow down, take in the pleasure of stillness and quiet in a deeply personal way, awaken your senses to reveal layers of yourself.

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing comes from Japan where it’s called Shinrin Yoku – bathing in the atmosphere of a forest. For the Japanese this is a retreat from their fast-paced lives. It’s about bathing in presence, not rushing as in a cardio-workout. It’s not about using our minds to learn the names of nature’s parts, nor is it rushing to get to the end of a trail. We often move at a snail’s pace. We stop to feel and notice, even sit for a while.

Mini Retreats

Substantial research shows therapeutic benefits of time in nature: immune system boost, improved sleep & focus. The cost of physical inactivity is huge. Experience Forest Bathing with certified nature & forest therapy guide, Kathleen Giese Skoller, to slow down, reset rhythms and re-discover nature’s gifts. This is an opportunity to feel safe and connected with others in the forested pockets of North Chicagoland.

Private Retreats

Receive all the benefits of a public retreat catered for you or your group needs. Build team resilience, better health, new feelings of connection with self, each other and nature. Reduce stress. Spark creative problem solving.

Meet Kathleen Giese Skoller

I’m a certified nature and forest therapy guide. The forest is healing. Nature has taught me a lot. It’s okay to be vulnerable, imperfect, always learning. Like nature we either grow or die. Calm, more aware of thoughts and feelings, I notice patterns that don’t work, let them fall away. The core of who I am grows.

“This is a great way to slow down and nourish your soul.”

–Uma Girish, Palatine, IL

“If getting a chance to enjoy the woods deeply is something you would like to do, this walk will bring you there.”

–Chris Geymer, Chicago, IL

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